Tournament Operations Volunteer

Interested in helping at tournaments, but not necessarily interested in judging/ Had enough of judging?  Want to get more involved at tournaments in other capacities? Whatever the reason.... we need volunteers to help in all roles at a Tournament!!  All it takes is for one tournament operation to break down - no one to help with giving out 200 pizza boxes (Student Hospitality & Sunshine Committee Volunteer), no one to let us know a room is missing judges (Floor Manager Volunteer), not enough folks to enter ballot results (Tabroom Volunteer), no one to take photographs (Photographer/Videographer Volunteer), no one to help judges complete ballots (Ballot Table Volunteer)... and the entire tournament can be delayed, students will have poor experiences and may not stay in debate, volunteers will get frustrated and not volunteer again... you get the point!!!!  Tournament Operations Volunteers are just if not more important than Tournament Judges.  In fact, much more needed because we usually have lots of Tournament Judges.  We do not have enough folks managing the Tournament! So please consider volunteering to help in Tournament Operations! 


Opportunities of a Tournament Operations Volunteer:

  • Student Hospitality/Sunshine Committee (Location: Cafeteria)
  • Tabroom/Data (Location: Tabroom)
  • Volunteer Assistance (Location: Ballot Table and Judge Room)
  • Photography/Videography (Location: Everywhere)
  • Floor Manager (Stationed on each floor or segment of rooms)


Responsibilities of a Tournament Operations Volunteer:

  • Arrival Time: 7:30am to help with Tournament Set Up
  • Departure Time: Flexible based on position but of course most needed for the entire tournament! 
  • Flexibility.  Tournaments are massive operations (hundreds of students, 100+ adults, families, volunteers). And so always expect the unexpected! 
  • Supportive of our Youth! And most importantly need folks kind, compassionate, humble, supportive, and great energy for our youth!