Tournament Student Internship Application & Information

Our best tournament volunteers are student debaters! You already know the rules of debate, how tournaments work, challenges of debate tournaments and everything else. And so besides judges, we need high school and upper middle school students (7th and 8th graders) who are interested in volunteering at debate tournaments in various positions including.  This is a long term internship position where you will learn the basics of tournament administration, communication skills, education, debate, customer service, hospitality and many other career and professional skills. 


Internship Requirements:

  • Year Long Commitment. Monthly Tournaments. We are flexible here ie if you can only do a semester. But we are looking for students who can commit to monthly tournaments during the school year.
  • High School Students (9th-12th graders): we need to help at the middle school tournaments. Only in exceptional cases can you intern during High School Tournaments (ie you are taking a year off of debate or no longer on the debate team, subject to coach approval)
  • Middle School Students (7th and 8th Grade): you can intern at our High School Tournaments. Unless exceptional circumstances approved by your coach, you can help at the Middle School Tournaments. 
  • Unpaid
  • Complete a Tournament Training and Orientation


Internship Opportunities:

  • Student Hospitality/Sunshine Committee: you are volunteering in the cafeteria during the day to help with breakfast, lunch, clean up, and most importantly helping students with any questions. 
  • Ballot Table and Judge Room: You are helping to check ballots, helping Judges, running Ballots to Tabroom, and anything else related to the Judge Room and Ballots.
  • Tabroom. You are helping to enter ballots and helping our Tabroom coordinators. You are running schematics to the Cafeteria to give to coaches and post in our Schematics area.
  • Floor Monitors. You are posted in teams throughout the building and floors to help students/judges find room, help with ballot collection, make sure rounds start on time.
  • Photography/Multimedia. If you have your own camera and are interested in doing photography or video, please let us know. 

Internship Benefits:

  • Learning: You will learn skills in leadership, communication, customer service, hospitality, teaching, education, mentoring, organization, management, event planning and more.
  • Service: We have all benefited from debate and so the best way to be thankful for our coaches, volunteers, teammates - is to give the gift of debate to someone else and help them in debate. 
  • College. Internships are very beneficial to add to your college application.
  • Resume. Internships are valuable to add to your resume.
  • Reference & Recommendation. We would be honored to write any letters of reference and recommendation for interns.
  • Debate. Best way to develop your debate skills is to learn how to lead, work with judges, work with other debaters.
  • Perks.  We have several internship parties and other opportunities throughout the year, Field Trips, Car Pool to get to tournaments opportunity and more. 
  • Friendships: You get to work with some incredible student debaters and staff! 
  • Youth Leadership Council.  Our student interns also make up our Youth Leadership Council in which we meet periodically to discuss how to improve the NYCUDL.
  • And more! 


Applications are accepted throughout the year! 



Feel free to email us at info@debate.nyc for more information or any questions!