School or Community Based Organization Membership Registration (2018-2019 Debate Season)

About the New York City Urban Debate League


Thank you for your interest in registering for the New York City Urban Debate League (NYCUDL). We offer a year round program of monthly debate tournaments, scrimmages, student workshops, teacher workshops, Travel Team tournaments, Girls Debate League program, summer debate institutes, debate clubs, debate field trips and other special events. Our program was honored by the White House, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities as one of the top after school programs. We are the largest urban debate league in the nation. 


Please complete this registration form with your school, contact information, and agreement to our membership policies and procedures. Additionally, please note that membership for Title I schools is $599.00 for the school year and for non-Title I, non NYCDOE schools $999.00 for the year. These fees help us to partially cover the costs of hosting monthly tournaments (student meals and student awards). The benefits and savings to a school are up to $10,000 (curriculum, workshops, summer camps, coach support, meals, wavied national membership fees, travel scholarship opportunities and more). See below for complete benefits. 


You can contact us at or call us at 917-455-1079 if you have any questions or need any additional information. Thank you again for your interest in joining the New York City Urban Debate League!


League Membership Benefits

  • Debate Tournaments. Monthly high school and middle school tournaments. 
  • Travel Debate Team. Scholarship Opportunities for high school teams to travel and compete at regional, national, and championship tournaments.
  • Meals. We provide breakfast and lunch to students, coaches, parents and families and judges at each of our local tournaments, as well as workshops, summer camps and other programs.
  • Curriculum. Schools have access to debate lesson plans, topic briefings, and debate curriculum. 
  • National Urban Debate League Membership. As the only urban debate league in the state of New York, schools have access to numerous opportunities including curriculum, scholarship opportunities, National Urban Debate Championships opportunities and more. 
  • Financial Literacy Debate. We host an annual spring tournament in partnership with financial institutions to support financial literacy. Complete with workshops, curriculum, and a culminating tournament. 
  • Outreach and School Support. We have borough coordinators who can support your debate program through in-person visits, phone and video conference support.
  • Debate Educator Conferences. We host quarterly all-day debate educator conferences.
  • Workshops. We have monthly workshop opportunities and drop in Saturday Debate Club opportunities.
  • NYC Debate Center. We have drop in hours at our weekend Debate Center at our office.  Expert coaching, practice debates, 1-1 professional development, and any other support is provided. 
  • Debate Coach Mentors. Opportunities to partner schools with college debaters and other debate mentors to support as assistant coaches, judges and in other support roles as needed. 
  • Summer Debate Institutes. We host the largest and longest summer debate program in the nation with several weeks of debate institutes at Hunter College, Silberman Graduate School and other locations. Scholarships are available to school members. Breakfast and lunch included. 
  • Summer Tournament Season. While most debate leagues end during the summer, we have a summer debate season with at least 3 summer debate tournaments. 
  • Girls Debate League. We started the first girls debate league in the nation with monthly debate education opportunties for young women including workshops, all-girls tournaments, summer debate programs and more. 
  • Youth Leadership Council. We host monthly after school sessions for student leaders.
  • Debate Nights. We partner with law firms and other corporate firms to host after school debate nights for students to learn about career and college opportunities. 
  • Debate Field Trips. We organize periodic debate field trips.
  • High School Student Service Opportunities. High School varsity debaters are eligible to judge at middle school and elementary school tournaments. This is helpful for college admissions, community service hours, as well as to develop own debate skills. 
  • NYCUDL E-Newsletter.  Our weekly newsletter is the largest debate newsletter in the nation with year round publishing on all local, regional and national debate opportunities.
  • Travel Team and Varsity Debate Practices. Each month we host varsity and travel team practices with top coaches.
  • Middle School Debate League. Our middle school debate program is the largest middle school debate program in the nation with over 100 schools participating.
  • High School Debate League. Our high school debate league is the largest high school debate program in the nation and also one of the most successful.
  • New York City Debate Championships.  Each year we are honored to host the City Championships. This tournament is open for high school and middle school students. 
  • New York State Debate Championships. Each year we are honored to host the New York State Debate Championships. This tournament is open for high school and middle school students. 
  • Alumni Chapter. Our alumni stay involved with the urban debate league for life!  Our alumni meet regularly, volunteer regularly as judges and tournament and coach volunteers. And most of our staff are all alumni of our program. 
  • Coolidge Cup Qualifier. Each year we partner with the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation to host one of our most unique tournaments which includes full scholarships to the Coolidge Presidential Leadership Summer Program for Varsity debaters and the opportunity to compete for over $10,000 in scholarships. 
  • Technology Debates. Each year we partner with Tech Duels for a special debate evening of debates on technology.  Technology prizes (Amazon Kindles, etc) are awarded to the winners. 
  • Debate Events. We are one of the few urban debate leagues in the nation to support multiple formats of debate including Policy Debate, Public Forum Debate, Parliamentary Debate, and Student Congress. 
  • Scrimmages. Each semester we organize scrimmages by borough where students and schools participate in practice debates.