NYC Debate Workshops

The New York City Urban Debate League offers workshops every month for high school students and adults in debate and public speaking. Our workshops are open to all levels - new to debate as well as advanced debaters. Our workshops are open and free for all members of the NYC Urban Debate League. If not a member, please email us at to sign up your school. 

  • Meals, snacks, or refreshments are always provided at our workshops!
  • Our workshops are taught by some of the city's top debate educators
  • Please RSVP in advance. Our building has very strict security and so if you are not on the list, you will not be able to enter.
  • Please bring State ID, Driver License, or Passport.  Or if a high school student, Student ID should be fine
  • Our office is located at 25 Broadway, 12th Floor (Teach for America). Click here for directions. 



Click here to RSVP for our Monthly High School Student Debate Workshops (High School Students only)



Click here to RSVP for our Monthly Adult and Judge Debate Training Workshops (Adults only)



Click here to RSVP for our Debate Educator Conferences (Debate Teachers and Coaches only)