About the High School Debate Club

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The High School Debate Club meets nearly every week at either our office in downtown Manhattan (25 Broadway, 9th Floor, NY, NY 10004) or our monthly High School Tournament location. All debate levels are welcome including those who have never debated. We have tracks available for beginner debaters (Novice Track) and intermediate/advanced debaters (Varsity Track). Sessions are three hours. We provide a pizza lunch. Our instructors include some of the top debate instructors in the city and nation. Students have the opportunity to attend tournaments every month - or some students choose not to attend any tournaments and just focus on public speaking and debate skills. 

  • Novice Track: This track is for beginner debaters with 1 year or less debate experience. 
  • Varsity Track: This track is for intermediate or advanced debaters with 1 year or more debate experience. 
  • Practice Times: 12pm-3pm is our high school practice times. Our monthly tournaments are 9am-5pm/6pm on Saturdays. 
  • Practice Dates: See Schedule Below
  • Location: NYC Debate Office, 25 Broadway, 9th Floor, NY, NY 10004. Click here for directions.
  • Digital Class: Can't make all the practices? Can't make any practices?  All our class resources, curriculum, lectures, and debate topic prep materials are posted in our online Debate Club e-course.

High School Debate Club Schedule (2019-2020 School Year)

The New York City High School Debate Club meets 3-4 practices monthly and competes at monthly High School Tournaments as well as serve as judges and tournament interns at Middle School Tournaments each month. 

  • Regular Practice Times (Non-Tournament Days): We meet Saturdays, 12pm-3pm at 25 Broadway, 9th Floor, NY, NY 10004
  • High School Tournament Day Practice Times: We meet at the Tournament! Students who are competing will be at the tournament from 9am-5pm/6pm. Students who are not competing and just interested in Practice, we meet from 9:00am-12:00pm instead of 12pm-3pm. This way students have the opportunity to watch debate rounds after practice and/or return home. Breakfast and Lunch will be served.
  • Middle School Tournament Volunteer Days. We highly encourage all high school debaters to volunteer as judges at our monthly middle school tournaments. We will not meet for our regular debate club practice. Instead, everyone should sign up to judge and/or take the day off to study. There is no better way to learn debate than to teach/judge debates. The best way to learn is to teach. High School Debaters should be judging or mentoring debaters. High School debaters can also serve as tournament interns and learn various skills in tournament organization, event management, leadership, nonprofit skills, business skills, and more. Students will learn more in 6 hours of a debate tournament than a month's worth of debate club classes. Not to mention volunteering for the day help fulfills your community service/service learning requirements and is great to add to college applications and your job resume. 
  • High School Debate Club does NOT meet on NYC Department of Education holiday dates. 
  • Please note that all dates, times, locations are subject to change due to changes. We will do our best to notify on our weekly debate club email listserve, so please make sure you receive this email once a week. You can also contact us at info@debate.nyc for any questions.

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