2017-2018 Resolution: 


School Registration for Financial Literacy Debates (Only available for NYCUDL  teacher/coaches)


Schedule & Locations

Workshops: 4:00pm-6:30pm

Tournament: 9am-5pm

  • May 26th - Financial Literacy Tournament. - High School for Law, Advocacy & Community Justice. Click here for google maps. 9am-5pm


We are thankful for the support of both the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues and the Citi Foundation for generously supporting student scholarships/gift cards and other prizes, as well as for providing generous stipends for debate coaches.

There are awards for top teams and stipends for coaches available.

About the Program

The Financial Literacy Debate Series is intended to introduce relevant financial concepts to students and to coach those students towards a deep understanding of those concepts, using competitive debate as a motivator. The expectation is that this foray into financial literacy will motivate students to further exploration that will help them as they leave secondary school.


Student participation in the program is for five weeks. First, students will participate in financial education seminars. These will occur after school. There will be four sessions and each session will be two hours long.


Each team will participate either in person at a designated location or from their school by logging in to a video conference hosted by the local league and Citi.


These sessions will introduce the core concepts and provide students with structure and coaching and feedback to develop a deep understanding of the concepts.


After the workshops, students will participate in a tournament using concepts they learned during the workshops.