City Council District #23 Debate Initiative

Our Mission

Every school  should have a debate team. Every student should have access to the best debate education opportunities. Debate is one of the best academic programs to prepare students for college, career, and civic success.



District Schools and Students Served


Half of our work is debate tournaments every Saturday. The other half of our work is how we support our teachers, schools and students through outreach and starting and sustaining debate programs in schools. We have outreach coordinators in each Borough to support schools, train teachers, provide curriculum and professional development, coordinate local debate scrimmages, year round virtual support (webinars, emails, phone calls, etc), help teachers recruit and start debate programs at their school, and anything else needed to start and sustain a successful debate team. We provide assistant coaches and volunteers to schools to support their debate programs. We have all day teacher training conferences at least four times a year.


As a result we have successfully partnered with the following schools in the district to create sustainable and successful debate programs through year round support:


School Served:


Intermediate School 109 Jean Nuzzi


JHS 202 Robert Goddard



Other District Debate Programs


Debate Club. All District students are able to participate in our debate programs for free. We have a Debate Club that serves students without debate teams at their schools. 


Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) Partnership. The New York City Urban Debate League (NYCUDL) partners up with the NYC Department of Education to boost middle school literacy skills through curricular and extra curricular debate. 



District #23 Debate Tournament Participation & Awards


NYC UDL Schools serving (2017-18 Season): 1 School


Intermediate School 109 Jean Nuzzi

Active Competitors (2016-17 Season): 1, 3 rounds/season, 68.32% Title I


2016-17 Season:

November 2016 - Middle School Quality Initiative (NYC DOE) Debate Tournament #1

8th Place Team - Advanced Level Public Forum Debate - Isaiah Raghubar/Matthew Johnson


January 2017 - Middle School Quality Initiative (NYC DOE) Debate Tournament #2

12th Place Team - Advanced Level Public Forum Debate - Simon Headly / Charis Martins


May 2017 - Middle School Quality Initiative (NYC DOE) Debate Tournament #3

10th Place Team - Advanced Level Public Forum Debate - Rohan Kumar / Dylan Heeralall


June 2017 - Middle School Quality Initiative (NYC DOE) Debate Tournament #4 Championships

12th Place Team - Novice Level Public Forum Debate - Catherine Dragon / Sebe Dludlu


2017-18 Season:

IS 109 will compete at their first tournament on February 3rd at Stuyvesant HS (MSQI #2)


JHS 202 Robert Goddard (2017-18 Season)


32 Active Debaters, 3 Rounds / Season, 84.48% Title I




2016-17 Season

Champions - NYC DOE Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) / NYC Urban Debate League Debate Championship - Advanced-Level Public Forum Debate


2017-18 Season

3rd Place Debate Program - MSQI/NYC Urban Debate League


Tournament: MSQI #1, Susan B. Anthony IS 238, June 8, 2017

5th Place Team - Advanced-Level Public Forum Debate

18th Place Team - Novice-Level Public Forum Debate