The NYC Debate Center



The New York City Debate Center is open on weekends (excluding Debate Tournament weekends & Holidays) during the school year (September - June) for NYCUDL schools, teachers, coaches, and students to drop in for debate practices. The Center is staffed by some of the city's top debate coaches. We also host the Debate Club for students without debate teams at their school or interested in additional debate training. 

  • Drop in debate Practices. Teachers can bring their team for 
  • Orientation for New Debate Teams. Schools that have just started debate programs are encouraged to visit for a crash course in debate
  • Professional Development. Teachers can drop in for training, observing debate practices and debate rounds.
  • Special Workshops. We host debate topic seminars on the monthly Public Forum Debate Topics, girls debate sessions, Youth Leadership Council meetings.
  • Scrimmage Debates. Schedule scrimmages with other debate teams from around the city.
  • Travel Team practices
  • And more!

Debate Topic Workshops

We offer monthly topic lectures on the public forum debate topic by the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA). We partner with the NSDA as well as other debate education organizations to provide Topic Workshops, topic handbooks, model speeches on the topic and any other resources to jump start students on the monthly debate topic. We also offer periodic workshops for parliamentary and policy debate.

Drop in Practices for NYCUDL Schools

Teachers and debate teams are welcome to visit the Debate Center on weekends for drop in coaching, 1-1 instruction and professional development, observe Debate Club practices and teaching methods, and any other support needed for one’s debate program.  NYCUDL Coaches can schedule an appointment at the Debate Center with Center staff by clicking here. 

Debate Club Practices

The NYC Debate Center hosts the Middle School Debate Club (Saturdays 10am-12pm) and the High School Debate Club (Sundays 10:00am-12pm). NYCUDL member schools and students are welcome to drop by Debate Club practices, open office hours, etc. Free WiFi, Photocopying, and computers are accessible to students and teachers. Click here to learn more about Debate Club. 

Wednesday Varsity Practices

Every Wednesday after school we host Varsity Debate practices for NYCUDL students. 

  • Wednesdays, 3pm-6pm
  • Dinner Provided! 
  • Top Debate Coaches
  • Lectures, Scrimmages and More! 

Open Office Hours, Photocopying, Computers, Supplies

The Debate Center offers free WiFi, photocopying, computer access, and other debate supplies. Students and Teachers are welcome to use our facilities and resources.

Professional Development

Teachers can schedule appointments with our coaching staff for 1-1 professional development. Topics include debate boot camp, starting a debate team, debate curriculums, debate skills, as well as workshops can be customized. All our professional development is free for member schools. Click here to schedule a session.

Scrimmage Debates

Schools are welcome to use our facilities for scrimmages and practices.

Travel Team Practices 

The NYC Travel Team practices together every Wednesday as well as one Saturday every month to prepare for national circuit tournaments (Yale University High School Invitational, University of Pennsylvania High School Invitational, Princeton University High School Invitational, Westchester Classic Invitational, Columbia University High School Invitational, Tournament of Champions, National Urban Debate League Championships and other national circuit tournaments. Coaches are welcome to sit in practices. Varsity high school students apply to the NYC Travel Team in the Spring at the end of the school year.